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End Transmission, Over And Out

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9 thoughts on “ End Transmission, Over And Out

  1. I imagine it probably got started when someone was telling another person to "always end your transmission with 'over' so the other party knows you are finished." Then told them to use "out" when they were signing off. Always would imply that over be used even for the final transmission, so they included both "over" and "out" to play it safe.
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  3. Jun 25,  · Over and out. More on Genius "Over And Out (Transmission 2)" Track Info. Written By JT Woodruff. Release Date June 25, Zero Hawthorne Heights. 1.
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  5. "This is Papa November Nine, Over and Out" Did you notice how at the beginning and end of the transmission you pronounce your call sign? Because there can sometimes be many people listening on the frequency, pronouncing your call sign, and the call sign of the party you are calling, lets everyone know who the transmission is for.
  6. Knowing how to replace a transmission doesn’t always make the job easier as they are heavy and awkward to handle and require the removal of a lot of equipment. To make sure you won’t have to replace your transmission anytime soon, make sure you do everything you can to maintain your current transmission.
  7. The term "over" is used with radio (or even telephone) connections when only one person can speak (successfully) at a time. It means "I have finished speaking for the moment, but am expecting your reply - go ahead". "Out" means "I have finished speaking, and the conversation is finished; don't reply". They are not properly used together.
  8. Now, pull the driveshaft out of the transmission and set aside. Place the U-joint bolts and hardware in an appropriately marked container. Tip: When pulling the driveshaft out of the transmission, be careful not to allow it to fall hard to the floor. Also, wrap tape around the joint caps to keep them from falling off and the pins from falling.
  9. Nov 05,  · In this mode, it can be hard to tell when transmission ends. So it’s customary to send the letter “k” at the end of transmission, and to turn “over” to the other station. Similarly, “sk” means “out, end of contact.” So, EB DE ROB, XYL calling for dinner, TNX QSO, 73 DE Rob SK.

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