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Things Moving About Outside - The Ullulators - Monads Of Mangonia (Cassette)

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9 thoughts on “ Things Moving About Outside - The Ullulators - Monads Of Mangonia (Cassette)

  1. Jul 19,  · Sometimes if I fast forward and play somewhere in the middle it won't move at all and will just stop. I've put the tape in a new shell and this hasn't made things better either (after ripping apart the original moulded shell). If I lift the cassette while it is playing (door removed) it plays faster but still does not sound like full speed.
  2. The format page for inch wide tape has a drawing (click for large version) that clearly shows that mono cassettes have one wide track and stereo cassettes split this track in half and add a small guard band. Most mono cassette recorders follow this format. It turns out that the mono Marantz PMD uses a two-channel head and records dual mono.
  3. CD Holder Made From Cassette Tapes. 5 – – Original Source Used: >> Click Here cassette tapes is in fact quite easy to make, you see tapes have several holes in them that were originally used to keep it in place in the cassette player so all you need is a few screw bars, bits and screw nuts on the ends!
  4. Cassette decks were super-cheap consumer products full of tiny moving parts. After a couple years of wear and tear, the alignments of those parts drift. The manufacturing tolerances were never that good to begin with, and then these parts wear down, expand and contract, or shift slightly with age or just being banged around over the years.
  5. Jun 02,  · 1. Shimano Ultegra Speed Cassette. Best Rear Cassette for Road Bike. SHIMANO Ultegra Speed Cassette Click to See Price. Our first best choice was the Shimano Ultegra 11 speed cassette. This is one cassette that played very well when it comes to a wide range of terrains.
  6. The book explains all about the cassette culture: the cassette itself, it’s history, the walkman, the boombox Here is a short video I made: I’m so glad that I collaborated with these guys sending them a few of my photos of walkmans.
  7. Jun 11,  · Hey, those things used to cost about $ retail and also on recorded tapes, you sometimes had stuff recorded that was irreplaceable. Of course, if you left tapes in your car on a hot day, you would be fresh out of luck because if the plastic casing wasn't warped then the magnetic tape would corrupt and you'd have a pile of distorted recordings.
  8. The thing is that the case was built around a specific cassette mechanism of some obscure GPX cassette player from early 80s or even 70s. The chances that you will find exact same model are close to zero. But if do find it, I'll be happy to share the Fusion project, just DM me.

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