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But I Thought

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9 thoughts on “ But I Thought

  1. Though definition is - in spite of the fact that: while. How to use though in a sentence.
  2. The thought that I might not have a job next year is a bit troubling. see thesaurus at idea 2 → thoughts 3 careful consideration [uncountable] THINK ABOUT careful and serious consideration With more thought and care this would have been a first-class essay. give something thought/give thought to something (= think carefully about something) I.
  3. The synonyms impression and thought are sometimes interchangeable, but impression applies to an idea or notion resulting immediately from some stimulation of the senses. the first impression is of soaring height In what contexts can notion take the place of thought?
  4. I thought something was going to happen. • I had an extremely mature view about these proceedings. I thought that Victoria Lum was a super wupo. • I thought the dishwasher was broken, did you get it fixed? • When the band became serious, I thought this is a far more contemporary and interesting way to make an artistic statement.
  5. ‘A lot of thought and effort has gone into preparing my equipment too.’ ‘After a lot of thought I have finally decided to hang up the pen so to speak.’ ‘Five-star hotels are so called because a lot of thought and work goes into whatever they do.’.
  6. You think that now that you have the thought, you have a responsibility to get reassurance, get control or get rid of it. Having the thought is equivalent to being sent on a mission. You have.
  7. thought meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of think 2. the act of thinking about or considering something. Learn more.
  8. Think about usually connotes a deliberate meditation on something or someone. I thought about where I would like to go for the holidays. Have you thought about what she said? I thought long and hard about what I should do next. Think of often connotes something occurring to a person. I saw a field of poppies and thought of that time we had a.
  9. Define thought. thought synonyms, thought pronunciation, thought translation, English dictionary definition of thought. v. Past tense and past participle of think. n. 1. The process of thinking; cogitation: sitting deep in thought at the computer. 2. A product of thinking or.

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